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        big screen and query system

              Big screen and query system meet metro train schedules and the needs of the driver related working regulations, dynamic master driver status, automatically generate reasonable driver ride plan, administrators to reduce repeated labor and make the pie class to improve work efficiency. At the same time avoid man-made factors in planning, implementation of scientific, standardized management to the driver.

        1.Train operation flow chart. To realize online train number, total turnover time, operation time and interval time of trains, full-time turned to the peak time operation as early as possible.

        2.Generate the cabin class plan. Ride plan of the driver, the, often state to realize computer management.

        3.Automatic function call class. According to the driver class attendance points automatically call in advance function.

        4.Real-time query and handles all the scheduling command, and based on the comments of the scheduling command gives aid, set to eliminate leakage, wrong problems.

        5.Class of flight operations and sent for statistics, query, generate log cabin daily, send class and other various types of statistical reports.

        6.The driver leave, vacation and relay the information such as dynamic control

              This system integrated application of computer software and hardware technology, network technology and other technical means. Through distribution in the cabin room room, computer room, the place such as equipment, collection and manage drivers often exit process data information, through the system backbone network transmission to the computer room in the center of the data, store and associated with vehicle information, and may, according to the combination of query conditions, realize real-time query, help decision makers to make decisions, as well as the staff workload statistics.

             This system provide remote networking interface, can in the future according to the actual situation and other car depot large screen system, so as to realize across the network.