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        The locomotives information

                The management system can do  strategic planning for enterprise information activities such as information collection,  processing,  transmission,  process,  storage and utilization.  It can gain the greatest benefits  with minimal consumption by planning,  organization,  leadership and control of theelements of information activities in the decision-making process.

        Locomotive equipment

                The system can provide various maintenance,  testing equipment, convenient and prompt diagnosis of fault detection in the locomotive overhaul, depot and the station according to different situation.

        Port machinery and equipment

                We provide production,  port machinery and equipment installation, commissioning, loading,  discharging mechanism delivery and maintenance,  renovation work.  We provide a variety of professional installation of equipment  such as fork lifts, cranes,  truck crane, trolley,  transport barge, floating crane.  We provide the most excellent service for customers in safety,  quality and schedule aspect.

        ABOUT US
        Dalian Shenzhou port machinery equipment Co.,Ltd. formerly known as Dalian Far East Research and Development Center, established in 1991, Port Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. changed its name to Dalian ...
        Sales :0411-83788902
        Customer Service :0411-83788918
        Address:Xigang District, Dalian, Changchun, Zhuhai Street Garden, Building 14, 1-9 public buildings
        QQ mailbox :810333779@qq.com
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